Committed, credible and supportive Employees are the strength of any Institution. Any productive and profitable organization needs high performing workforce. Employee Engagement Surveys help organizations to know the levels of motivation, trust, loyalty and commitment of the employees towards them and helps institutions to better understand the needs, demands and expectations of the employees towards them.


To be engaged employees must have the following:










It is all about developing an efficient system which helps companies focus on the main task which is to hire right fit for the right job. Ambition is to customize the system according to the needs of the organization and help them save additional costs. Our vision is to build a system around the vision, strategy and competencies of the organization.


The system will help save countless hours which are spent in short-listing candidates. We will link the online testing with psychometric and EQ tests which will help understanding an individual and help determine if the individual is a cultural fit. The software will be intuitive, simple to use, highly customizable and highly automated.


We understand that resource, Monetary or Non-Monetary, are scarce. One organization cannot focus and achieve Economies of Scale and Competitive Advantage in all of its functions. Keeping this in mind, we provide organizations a means of focusing on their core business. Our Outsourcing Services are based on more than 5 years of client experience.


We thoroughly understand what is required of an Outsourcing Services contract, our systems and professional procedures make our services a unique experience, and if our consumers still have any queries, they can easily be addressed through our qualified on-site representatives.

Do what you are good at by letting us do what we specialize in. Focus on the true competitive advantage of your company by letting us take care of the talent supply. We have two streams of service:


Head Hunting Services

Our internal teams Coordination with companies from various industries including Telecom, Fertilizer, Tobacco and FMCG, are fast at work building Talent Profiles. We are currently engaged with different companies and providing quality candidates. We have also ventured into providing resources to development sector INGO, NGO and Trusts. One of our key ambitions is to help SMEs nationwide with quality resources and that regard we already helping some organizations in the field of IT, Consultancy, Education and Services. Our success factor for this service is a close network with university placement offices and efficient use of social media. We also encourage the general public to refer good candidates to us by which they act as social agents and get commission on successful candidates.


External Talent Pipelines

A revolutionary concept in the HR arena, for the first time in Pakistan, companies can avail our services of building Talent outside the organization. Based on the requirements defined by a customer, e-learning modules, assisted competency development guidelines and leadership modules are developed to best serve these requirements. Apart from these frameworks and systems, registered customers are also eligible for exclusive access to our vast alumni information, gathered from TOP universities within and outside Pakistan.

Adopt our revolutionary solutions for Payroll Processing, and reduce your bottom line costs. Our state of the art systems are flexible and easily adoptable, be they from any industry or no matter what their size.


With minimal costs, we offer customizable solutions with assistance for Tax and Investment portfolios.

To define the Total Reward Model, we must look at all functions within HR as a synergized means of attracting, retaining and developing resources. All activities are linked to and stem from a thorough understanding of the organization, defining how each role/individual contributes to its final success and how to build a mutually beneficial relationship, i.e. matching expectations at both ends. In doing so, the TR model reduces wasted effort and resources, making each operation affective and efficient, while also ensuring a more focused action plan. Keeping within this framework, all our core-HR initiatives are an extension of the Total Reward Framework, whereby customer may choose to cherry pick the services that they require, but they also get a perspective of the linkage and impact each activity might have on other aspects.

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is the one of the most crucial step in the Total Reward Process. Here each job within the organization is evaluated to determine firstly, its continued existence, secondly, it’s ranking within the Hierarchy and thirdly, to understand the competencies and skills required to perform the role. These three factors coupled with Employee Value Proposition and the Unique Selling Point of a company, are then used to design the Compensation, Benefits, Rewards, Wellness Programs, Career Planning and Talent Pipelines, that may be available in a company.

Employee Value Proposition

This by definition explains what is valued by the employee. To build a relationship, where a company gains performance or productivity from the employee base, in return the company also has to provide targeted gains to the employees.

This can only be determined by a thorough research within and outside the organization. This information has a great impact on how the monetary and non-monetary benefits to the employee are packaged.

Unique Selling Point

Usually, every organization already has a competitive advantage over its competitors, whether they realize it or not. It is this competitive advantage that drives a potential employee to be part of an organization. It is this Competitive Advantage that brings about a unique advantage to the branding of any organization, thus, it is this competitive advantage that should be discovered and encouraged.

We assist in building, exploring and encouraging such competitive advantages within an organization, building these factors by complementing them with the tools, techniques and resources that we have in our arsenal.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensating as the word defines refers to a transactional relationship. We at RSS there is a lot more to compensation than just giving and taking. Compensation is merely one facet of the overall package that is offered to the employee, with a focus on building a relationship rather than a use and throw away philosophy.

Generally Compensation and Benefits will cover the basics of a compensation system: To have a fixed or variable bonus scheme Reward structure and reward criteria Market Competitiveness for benefits and Compensation Compensation mix advice etc

Career Planning and Talent Pipelines

The JE exercise also has an input into the Career Planning and Talent Pipelines capability of an organization. Once the JE has been completed, a thorough understanding of the competencies, qualification and skills required for a job are listed down.

Which is then used for GAP Analysis i.e. where we are? And where we want to be? This also defines how we can build a candidate as a successor, or how we may be able to mold someone for a better role, be it vertically or horizontally.

Learning and Development

Learning and Development initiatives are very closely linked with the Career Planning and Talent Pipelines being implemented within the company.

A very new concept in the domain of learning and development is to link reward structure with Learning and Development, whereby Career Planning can be delegated to the employees themselves. With this methodology, employees are empowered to make their own career moves and development.

Performance Management

Accountability and Reward are crucial elements for an effective and efficient Human Resource System. The most common factor for the failure of a performance management system comes from a lack of understanding of the system and the accompanying insecurities that ensue.

We at RSS specialize in developing communication frameworks to disseminate such information to the masses. Deploying the latest tools and techniques, including e-learning initiatives, Focus Groups, Social Media, Seminars, Workshops etc.

Work Life Balance and Wellness Programs

Employees are humans who have responsibilities and need support to get through their day. Factors such as flexi-time, day care services, gym memberships, Internet Services etc are benefits that have a big impact but have a minimal cost to the company.

Such benefits work on the concept of increasing the touch point of a benefit, or the number of times an employee thinks about a company in a positive sense, even though the magnitude of the benefit might be low, this adds greatly to the overall stickiness factor of an employee base.